KIA Space Baby

Kia came to us with a unique mission: to make space props for a baby astronaut and his animal friends.

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KIA Space Baby

This Baby Gets Around

We love working with Kia — the brand isn’t afraid to have a little fun. For their "Where Do Babies Come From?" TV spot, we helped tell an outlandish story through props that sent a toddler and his animal friends into space in search of “Babylandia.”

This clever spot is focused on a father who creates an extravagant story to avoid having "the conversation" with his young son. His tale required a child-sized spacesuit to be adapted and worn by several of the space-traveling characters — including a panda and a lamb — and a mission control console to be operated by a pig. Thanks to the props we built, this mission to “Babylandia” was a huge success.


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