Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was our muse for this job, which involved a bathtub shaped like her lips and 60-foot nude sculpture.

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Lady Gaga

Larger Than Life

While we love when we have time to noodle and play, coming up with effective and efficient solutions in a tight timeline is what we do best. For this fun project for Lady Gaga, production designer Nathan Crowley asked us to collaborate on a variety of props for the launch of the musician’s “Fame” perfume — and in short order.

Crowley was looking to create a truly unique spot, for which he needed a custom crown for Lady Gaga to wear, a bathtub in the shape of her lips and 100 custom lighting fixtures. After we’d signed on for the project, he added one small element — a 60-foot lifelike sculpture of a nude Lady Gaga to be delivered in one week. A totally crazy timeline, but right up our alley. Some studios may have seen this project as a logistical nightmare, but thanks to our well-tested and streamlined project management workflow, we thought it was a dream come true.

Our team of digital artists got started right away with a 3D scan of Lady Gaga's body (provided by production). We quickly coordinated with a specialized foam manufacturing company, who made foam to our specs 24 hours a day. For the sculptural pieces, we utilized three giant five-axis CNC machines working around the clock to get the job done. Once it was ready, we organized the transportation and on-set assembly of the massive sculpture, delivered on schedule for the shoot. Each prop for this project was fun to figure out and also a lot of hard work — but well worth the effort.

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