Crush Haunted Hayride

This hayride was jam-packed with ghosts, werewolves, vampires, coffins, and flying broomsticks.

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Crush Haunted Hayride


We had a howling good time helping Crush launch their nationwide haunted hayride live event October of 2014. The social media campaign #CrushHalloween featured all sorts of fun videos showcasing our handiwork which included props, effects, and the detailed costume worn by the master of events, Harry the "not-so-scary" Scarecrow. YouTubers and the like joined in the fun with uploaded videos adding to the more than 82,000 hits.

Along the way hay riders witnessed many entertaining scenes including a werewolf in his living room snacking on popcorn and howling away at his TV while his favorite sports team battle on. Next up was an unfortunate witch who had not paid attention to where she was going and ended up smacked up against a pole. Let this be a lesson not to text and fly.

Three open coffins were seen along the way and signs warning riders to beware of a family of vampires. The fear was quickly diminished as the hayride came upon the mommy and daddy vampires harmlessly chilling out in lounge chairs catching a few rays. But where was the little vampire? Apparently, the little vampire had stolen the broomstick of the incapacitated witch and could be seen joyriding in the skies above. This exciting effect was accomplished by one of our pilots navigating a drone outfitted as the vampire boy.

The final effect involved audience participation where everyone had to do their part to scare a few lingering ghosts away. Once frightened, these ghosts shot up and away in an attempt to escape the scary humans yelling at them on the hayride.

It was a scream!

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