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You say "futbol", I say "soccer", we all say "World Cup"!

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Facebook Ref


Like many across the globe, we get caught up in the World Cup frenzy.  But it wasn't just a passion for soccer that drew us in to World Cup 2014; we were asked to help out with Facebook Ref, a page that provided interactive, real-time updates and commentary on the tournament. Followed by nearly 800,000 people, the Facebook Ref character, filmed in live action on a set, would react instantaneously to all the events of the games -- goals, fouls, penalty shots, yellow cards, etc. -- which would be immediately uploaded to the page.

The overall look of the project was as if Facebook Ref, an extremely dedicated soccer ref, had built all of his props and set himself. For the championship game, we created a custom scoreboard featuring two video monitors that played screen graphics and programmed LED lights creating various patterns. We also designed and made a "Fair-O-Meter", which indicated which team was getting fair or unfair calls. On the day of the final game, we were on set to operate throughout the tension-filled overtime victory by Germany.

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