Target's Share the Force Exhibit at D23 2015

Working on this exhibit for Target was out of this world!

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Target's Share the Force Exhibit at D23 2015

May the Exhibit be with you!

Recently, in a galaxy not too far away, the innovative team from Deutsch LA enlisted our assistance on a cross branding promotion at D23 involving Target's upcoming exclusive line of Star Wars merchandise. To launch this amazing sci-fi experience, we worked with the agency’s creatives to design a modular, deconstructed, geometry based space structure, clad in transparent panels covered in a starry galaxy treatment.

We preprogrammed a concealed LED system behind the panels, illuminating many of the stars in the galaxy backdrop. The effect helped to immerse the viewer into the star field as if being pulled into a celestial nebula. Along with the backdrop, we constructed a command podium where the consumer could interact with the website, along side a 100 inch monitor that appeared to be floating in space.

While designing the structure, we worked with an engineer to ensure the safest and most efficient means of rigging the pieces in preparation for installation.  Our design allowed us to preassemble the structure in our studio, carefully transport all pieces, and finally install the galactic enormity on location. The final result was out of this world! 

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