HBO's Westworld Interactive Map System

Projection Mapping and Beyond.

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HBO's Westworld Interactive Map System

The Wild Wild Future

It was our privilege to participate in HBO’s latest hit show about a "no limits" amusement park complete with artificial intelligence that makes HAL-9000 look like child’s play.

Our extensive team of innovators launched into collaboration with the show’s creators and designers to generate a comprehensive and realistic design for a futuristic interactive map system, a key component of Westworld's "Control Room" scenes.

map v7 -4.jpg

Our departments worked harmoniously to create a seamless flow between the digital and physical. 

Our team of creative technologists developed custom projection mapping software to be used on a 3D surface with contrasting depths. The revolving base motor was programmed to support the physical map's rotation, precisely synchronizing to the projector's rotation.

Our technologists not only kept themselves busy with the digital assets, but they also worked in unison with our artisans to build a 21 foot diameter topography map, weighing over a TON (literally), and consisting of eleven separate blocks of milled foam placed on a rotating hydraulic cylinder set into the ground.  

We delivered everything to set and coordinated communication between the construction and effects crews. The result was an interactive and stunning focal element that radiated with vibrant color and animated visuals.

We also added in a few other set elements, including the handheld trifold tablets used by the actors in the Control Room.

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