OK Go & Morton Salt

Ready, Set? OK Go!

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OK Go & Morton Salt

All in one moment

The rock band OK Go just released their latest video "The One Moment" which opens on a very brief, topsy-turvy scene of explosions and movement. The episode is then replayed at varying speeds of slow motion, exposing every action in a bizarre orchestration of color and motion. We were brought on board to create a few of the video's props. Check it out, but don't blink!

Below is a behind the scenes look at a sophisticated element that did not make the final cut. We created a spinning wheel that housed a gazillion laser cut acrylic scenes, mounted in sequence on the wheel's outer edge. From a certain vantage point, the rotation produced an animation of Damian Kulash's lower face singing a line from the song, spotted lighted from within using LEDs.  Many hours of development, design, fabrication and calibration went into the making of this alluring prop, however this is the only place you'll see it.