Best Damn Gear

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Best Damn Gear

Hot Damn!

When you want boozy root beers and sodas, Best Damn certainly lives up to the name.

When the brand's powerhouse marketing team from renowned Creative Artists Agency (CAA) comes knocking on your door, that's pretty damn great.

A collaboration from concept to completion gave way to fully functional prototypes embodying what "Best Damn" would look like in all sorts of products. So damn good in fact, that they're repeatedly used in high profile conventions (most recently SxSW) and national broadcast advertising.

We produced four pairs of functioning prototypes all inspired by the client’s mission to bring their customers “the best damn thing they’ve had all day”. One took the concept of the office chair to epic heights with fine upholstery, super comfy seating, Bluetooth speakers, foot rests, fully reclining back rests, built in massagers, and arm rest beverage coolers. Not to mention "quick it's the Boss!" buttons to quickly hide drinks and switch screen views from ball games back to your flowcharts!

Another prototype seen at several conventions was the ultimate toilet paper dispenser with automatic TP roll out, cell phone holder with posable arm, a charger, Bluetooth speaker, and a chilled beverage holder for your tasty Best Damn Root Beer.

Keep an eye out for more Best Damn commercials containing our gimmicks yet to be released. In the mean time, take a look at our behind the scenes video for the making of two of these four prototypes. Enjoy!


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