Volvo: Highway Robbery

Here, we helped generate power from passing cars.

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Volvo: Highway Robbery

Super Power!

What a thrill to take part in Volvo's experiential and broadcast campaign marketing their highly anticipated flagship SUV – the XC90 T8 Hybrid Electric.

We worked with famed director/artist/inventor Bob Partington to produce a peristaltic system capable of "robbing" energy created from passing cars to power Volvo’s new SUV.

Our team conducted several phases of R&D, design, testing, and production. In a nutshell, the system consisted of a “driving mat” placed atop series of water filled tubing connected to a device capable of capturing the hydraulic energy from passing cars and transferring it to electrical energy. To drive home this explanation in a more entertaining way, take a look at the spot below featuring Bob.

We produced the entire system to be modular for ease in transportation, setup, and strike. Our team delivered and operated the system on set, and also became involved with the viral video seen above, which was partially filmed at our studio. See the side bar for some fun filled nerdy facts.

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