NRG: The Energy Experiment

Empowering the people to make the right choice.

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NRG: The Energy Experiment

Power to the People

Long ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth and the planet was rich in natural resources and vegetation. Then man came along and cut down the vegetation, polluted the air, and put a strain on these precious resources. Man became aware of his destructive ways and realized the future of the planet was in jeopardy unless he chose to make a difference and change his ways.

NRG, the leading energy provider whose focus is preserving the world’s natural resources, clean air and sustainable, efficient, electric generation solutions, wanted to capture man in the process of making this choice in an experiential campaign called the “Energy Experiment”.

For this campaign we created an impressive mirrored monolith that secretly housed a film crew on the inside, while on the outside advertised three separate energy source choices available to the passing viewer to power their mobile devices.

Our design team conducted an extensive R&D phase involving the combination of multiple materials and methods, to ultimately achieve a stunning one way mirrored exterior, perfectly balanced in tone and color, and void of interrupting light from either the surrounding environment or the audio equipment housed within the monolith. In addition, our engineers programmed the control system of lighting effects illuminating the outlets available to the unknowing viewers.

We created this piece not only to beautifully reflect its surroundings, but also be easily assembled, transported, and reassembled in multiple airports.

Take a look at the video below and choices made by the unsuspecting viewers.