Costumes for Captain America: Civil War

From Super Bad to Super Hot, outfitting super heroes and villians is one of our specialties.

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Costumes for Captain America: Civil War

From Super Bad to Super Hot

We are thrilled to be back at it again working with costume designer extraordinaire Judianna Makovsky for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. We had an amazing adventure bringing the exciting visions of her and her team to life for all the world to see on the big screen. From the baddest of the bad guys to the hottest of the heroes, we had our hands right in the thick of it.


No playing paddy cake with this bad dude! Super villain Crossbones possesses some pretty killer punchy-hands that retract and do major damage. To achieve these great effects we constructed his costume using a modular system of interchangeable parts that could be inserted or removed allowing the VFX department to comp together what they needed to achieve the ultimate visual effect. In addition to the highly detailed rigid costume pieces, we created in parallel highly detailed soft pieces suited for stunt scenes using newly developed technologies thereby saving the pretty face of Chris Evans, aka Captain America himself.

Image via Marvel

This costume was so badass, it literally transformed the actor Frank Grillo seemingly through a means of possession. As soon as he put it on, he morphed into the comic book character and began unabatedly moving and thrashing about emboldened by the costume’s look and comfortable feel. Take a look at this clip from an interview with Frank.

Falcon, Ant-man and Captain America

As in the last Captain America and Ant-Man features, we created Falcon’s goggles custom made for actor Anthony Mackie. We used the data from his head scan to first digitally design the pieces that were ultimately outputted on our 3D printer, molded, casted, and assembled into the sleek goggles perfectly matching Anthony’s unique facial curves and measurements.

No job is too small even for the tiny Avenger Ant-Man. We had a hand in his costume detailing using laser edging on his genuine leather padding. The detailing had to be extremely precise for all his huge close up shots.

For the Star-Spangled Avenger, we were once again requested to create the star emblazoned so proudly upon his chest.

Black Widow

We had the pleasure of creating super cool costume pieces for super hot Scarlett Johansson. Her costume had to be flexible yet form fitting, capable of cradling her body while she stealthily slithered her way around the necks of bad guys and performed her tantalizingly acrobatic fight scenes. We produced the surface treatments right into the molds of her protective padding to avoid paint cracking or flaking off during her killer moves. These techniques proved to be just as tough as Black Widow herself.

Be sure to catch all these great characters and their costumes in Captain America: Civil War. And remember, if you’re looking for the best way to dress your super hero or sinister villain, just call on us and we’ll save the day!

If you would like to see our credited art work for Crossbones along with the art work from the many talented folks who worked on this feature, please, check out Marvel's Captain America: Civil War: The Art of the Movie in hardcover. To get a sneak peek and a link for purchasing, check out this review here.

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