Independence Day: Resurgence

Outfitting alien-fighting astronauts is our forte.

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Independence Day: Resurgence

Out of this World Costuming with all the Comforts of Home

Outfitting superheroes, super villains, and sending astronauts through black holes has helped hone our skills for creating the most stunning and exceptionally comfortable costumes in the galaxy. We have finely cultivated our cache of techniques through research and development and have proven to be the most proficient and efficient in costume fitting, designing, fabricating, delivering and operating on set.

Through referrals for the excellent work we achieved on the award winning film Interstellar, we were asked to help create costume pieces for the long awaited sequel to Independence Day.

Our streamline fitting techniques created a hassle free experience for both actors and technical support. Our fabrication was executed all in-house and included electrical effects integrated with eye-catching physical elements. Our final products allowed for actors to comfortably do their job by providing them a large range of motion, and delivering hidden comforts in the form of padding as well as soft, safe, light weight materials.


Not only are the pieces engineered to withstand the rigors of stunt scenes, we also designed them in a modular fashion to allow for easy removal for the substitution of special effects. Directors and technical crew love us for this option!

When Jeff Goldblum thanked us personally for helping to create for him such a comfortable costume that allowed him to move so effortlessly, we knew we had hit it out of the park.

Be sure to catch Independence Day: Resurgence in theaters now.

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