Vitrine Collection XX “Tiaras”

How to display tiaras - grunge style

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Vitrine Collection XX “Tiaras”

Even grunge queens deserve a crown

Saint Laurent debuted “grunge” tiaras at their Spring 2016 runway collection touting, they “can be worn with everything”. Working with the talented designers at YSL, we engineered and produced several international boutique displays to showcase these fabulous tiaras. The displays resembled elongated doorways that loomed 10 feet tall and were clad in flawless black, piano finish.

Each art piece housed a ceiling of naked light bulbs whose warm light tumbled downward upon a scattered scene of slowly revolving tiaras, floating behind a pane of smoky glass. The dark, sleek art pieces evoked an eerie candelabra-floating-in-the-middle-of-a-haunted-hallway effect and rendered the viewer quite entranced.

Behind the sparkles though, we’re all business. Safety features were engineered to prevent motor burnout and vent collective heat. We programmed the revolving rods to spin at different speeds, and programmed multiple lighting sequences for the bulbs. We delivered these wondrous art pieces successfully to each international boutique and supplied a seamless operating system for each piece. And this is just one of many "crowning" achievements.

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