Chick-fil-A Cowz VR

Cow lives matter!

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Chick-fil-A Cowz VR

Moo-arvelous Adventures!

The beloved Chick-fil-A "Cowz" are back and living it up in the latest trilogy of commercials exposing their true adventurous nature and their crazy obsession with virtual reality. These bovine beauties have always dreamed of living life in the fast lane, yet getting around on an adventurous romp may prove too arduous for a hefty heifer. This is where SCPS comes in!

We’re dedicated to enhancing the lives of cows everywhere by making it possible for this lively livestock to explore the world in ways they never thought possible - through the realm of virtual reality!

With lateral set eyes and binocular-like field of vision, creating VR goggles for a cow might seem too complex – but not for SCPS! Check out our gorgeous goggles for both cows and humans in the zany commercial spots below. 

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