Logan - Claws and Costume Elements

Unique treasures money can't buy.

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Logan - Claws and Costume Elements

A slice of movie magic

We’ve been successfully outfitting all walks of life from superheroes and villains, to astronauts and dancing gas tanks. Our reputation awarded us the opportunity to work with 20th Century Fox on the gripping blockbuster Logan.

Not only did we help create the costumes for the militant henchman group known as the Reavers, we were also asked to participate in the film’s international marketing promotions by producing a limited number of sharp-looking movie memorabilia that money can’t buy.

For the 2013 Marvel film The Wolverine, we recreated over 50 replicas of the iconic blade-like claws worn by Hugh Jackman. For 2017's Logan, we were able to utilize our archived digital files from The Wolverine to fabricate 50 additional replicas all within two and a half weeks time.

Since the US government would not give us the secret formula for Adamantium, our blades were milled from aluminum, polished and assembled with custom handgrips. The triad of rapiers were mounted and sealed in sleek display cases, each with its own numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity.

All 50 displays were carefully packaged and logistics were successfully executed to 14 different countries. 20th Century Fox allocated these marketing promotions as displays or awarded them as sweepstakes prizes to lucky fans, including a selected few signed by Hugh Jackman.

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