Flower by Kenzo: dropping petals

We used 60,000 petals to create this scene for Kenzo’s perfume ad.

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Flower by Kenzo: dropping petals

Drop it like it's hot

Many spectacular moments appear only briefly - seizing the attention of the audience in a quick, jaw dropping instant. In honor of their 50th anniversary, the famed luxury house, Kenzo, called upon us to recreate for them an awe inspiring moment that occurred during their 2008 Fall/ Autumn Fashion Show in Paris. This spectacular scene was to be used in a marketing film for their new Flower by Kenzo perfume.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.36.59 AM.png

We collaborated with Plein Soleil Productions and worked directly with production designer Andrew Jones to recreate this decade old spectacle which consisted of an enormous suspended orb of floating red poppy petals that eventually drops to reveal a fashion model standing in its core.

Scenes from Kenzo Fall-Winter 2008 Fashion Show in Paris

One major difference with the new scene was its outdoor location and the need to factor in wind conditions and their affect on the suspended petals.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.16.52 AM.png

Our engineers first created the scene digitally while other members of our team R&D’ed the right materials needed to achieve the whimsical look of floating petals.

Once approved, the 25 foot truss and its rigging were constructed and engineered for safety to withstand load and wind conditions at the San Francisco filming location.


60,000 red silk petals were strategically organized and attached to lightweight lining with the ability to be repeatedly dropped and reloaded with controllable speed.


In addition to the rig of suspended petals was a “carpet” of petals we made for the final overhead shot.


Once the fabrication and testing were completed, we carefully shipped the rig from LA to San Francisco and operated it on set during filming. The result is a beautiful fleeting moment that catches your breath. Take a look for yourself below.