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Lending a hand to the award-winning series since 2005.

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Arrested Development Props

Growing up with the Bluth Family

What a delight it has been to participate in the creative world of "Arrested Development".  Since 2005 we've had the privilege of assisting the art department in their creation of wacky and zany props. Over the years we've developed our talents and broadened our skill set.  Our well-seasoned technological knowhow and build expertise result in creations with flawless function, even in extremely tight deadlines.

This un-arrested development of ours is quite evident in the evolution of Buster’s hand.


Back in season 2, Buster, played by actor Tony Hale, had his hand bit off by a bloodthirsty, bowtie-wearing seal while swimming in the ocean. His first artificial appendage was a hook we designed and outfitted for the actor.

Hijinks ensued as Buster accidentally gouged his way through many scenes impaling an array of objects, people and himself.

Over the next few years Buster went through several variations of the hook and few different models of an artificial hand until he was finally issued an oversized bionic hand from the military in season 4.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 8.47.40 AM.png

For this version we created a hugely disproportioned rubbery hand that fit over Tony’s perfectly healthy appendage by first hand-sculpting it, then molding and casting it in a flexible material which our artisans hand-painted to look very realistic.

The Arrested Development series took a seven-year hiatus after season 3, and a second four-year break before the 5th season was released in May of this year. Over those years we have broadened our range and collected a wealth of talent by developing high tech skills while collaborating within multiple industries.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.49.10 AM.png

These developed talents are evident in the latest version of Buster’s hand in season 5, which resembles an unsheathed, metal, robotic appendage similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg hand in Terminator 2.

This hand model is our most technically involved to date as we utilized animatronics to move the fingers, powered by a remote controlled sensor-filled glove we operated on set. The actions of our engineer’s gloved hand were simultaneously mimicked by Buster’s “robot” hand as seen in our in-house clip below.

Our creative technology department had a great time developing the tech necessary to translate the movement into action as our fabrication team feasibly created a comfortable yet durable housing in a limited amount of time.

In addition to this high tech prop, we outfitted a cage for the hand to prevent Buster from harming others while he spent time in the slammer, and produced melted floppy hand skin to represent Buster’s accidental clothes-dryer catastrophe.

Take a look at our handy work in the scene below.

Here is an additional clip of Tony Hale talking about his favorite hand. Video courtesy of @BuildSeriesNYC.

Be sure to check out the latest season of Arrested Development on Netflix and enjoy taking a look down memory lane at a few of our older props.

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