Pop-Up Retail Spaces

These short-lived flash retail spaces are big on brand awareness.

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Pop-Up Retail Spaces

Pop goes the shop

Pop-up retail is a brilliant high-paced marketing tool with the ability to generate brand awareness, showcase collaborations, and rapidly move product inventory in a hyped-up, ultra cool, temporary environment. These pop-up stores are usually assembled in a highly populated area or at an event and are great platforms for marketing a brand through social media exposure. These pop-up shops swiftly transform a building’s interior, and sometimes exterior, and radiate a wow factor that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Our initial pop-up store project was a collaboration with KITH and Asics which spawned a lasting relationship and lead to our recent collaboration with KITH and Nike.


In partnership with SET Creative we helped to rapidly outfit an empty space with custom constructed furnishings, décor and vinyl window graphics.

Photo courtesy of  Snobette .

Photo courtesy of Snobette.

With the client's initial concept design and two days of production time, we provided quick, efficient, cost effective solutions to trick the space out and had it all installed before the big event.


Take a look at Kith's video of the event below.


This next retail pop-up space in the heart of Santa Monica involved more extensive engineering and planning on our part, and required us to work with city ordinances, fire codes, and utilize architectural blueprints of the buildings's interior in order to create within the space.


Once again working with SET Creative and their innovative concepts for the space, we developed a rigging system engineered for structural safety that suspended a sky full of multi-colored block letters repeatedly spelling out “Go LA 10K”.


We designed the project to be modular and included pre-assembled overhead ceiling panels that easily and quickly were transported and installed by our crew. The installation process was rehearsed to insure the entire expanse would be up and ready in time for the event.


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