Intel Dream PC's for Gamers

We designed and built dream PC’s for 4 top gaming influencers.

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Intel Dream PC's for Gamers

A Big Influence

An Influencer is an individual with a far-reaching social media following who has the ability to influence the trends of their followers by streaming something they do or by broadcasting their personal testimony of a product or brand. This form of marketing has escalated over the last several years and has proven to have enormous value to brands.

Our latest venture involves a group of influencers and a mega brand that has played an integral part in every SCPS project since we began making extremely cool sh!t.


Intel’s components have been with us every step of the way through communication, design, fabrication and more, and being a part of this fascinating project has allowed us to honor Intel as they celebrate their 50th year anniversary.

With the additional celebration of the 40th year anniversary of the release of their original 8086k processor, Intel partnered with four favored influencers to help market the launch of their current processor and brought us on board to design and fabricate uniquely customized PC stations for each of them.

We began by secretly gathering intel about each intriguing influencer – their background, their likes, what they do, and what they consider their dream stations to be and how those would function. Our designers got to work masterfully creating each specialized PC station, reflecting those unique traits in every detail.

For example, the PC unit we designed for Sevadus encompassed his brand and his squatty one-eyed branded character Neffy. We embedded a projector - yes! a projector - in this unit which animates Neffy’s large cyclops eye while powered up.

We also gave a nod to his initial stardom as a Minecraft streamer by cladding his case in the familiar MC blocks.

For Anne Munition’s case, we tapped into her background of design and music and fashioned her case after a vintage graphic equalizer, encasing half of it in layered acrylic and backlit by programmable RGB LED’s.

The other half showcased her design work and logo inscribed upon clear acrylic. Her station housed two separate PC’s – something she has always desired in her ultimate dream set up.

Aiekillu had previously confessed that he has a major problem with cord management of his current set up. For him, we designed a very streamlined desk with his PC built right into the body of the furniture that hides the cables and contains clean details that reflect his minimalistic styling.

When powered on, his desktop comes to life as his name and logo appear and glow through the milky surface.

For Linus, the guy who has everything, we wanted to give him something he definitely did not have. We designed a set up that included a completely new, tricked out PC and disguised it in the body of a nostalgic IBM 5150 complete with the old-school flip up power switch. It’s the equivalent of a sleek, classic looking car with a souped up engine under the hood and all the bells and whistles of a modern ride of luxury.

The old floppy disk port camouflaged a modern air intake vent while the outward body of a relic monitor concealed and housed a completely modern screen.

Once the designs for all the units were approved by Intel, our craftsmen and technicians built and engineered each station utilizing a wide variety of our in-house tools and capabilities from laser cutting, CNC machining and 3D printing to animation, image projection, custom electronics and LED programming.

The results were epic!