Honda - The Magic Snow Globe

We helped to spread a little holiday magic for hospitalized children in Southern California.

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Honda - The Magic Snow Globe

The Delight in a Child’s Eyes

To a child, the magic of the holiday season ignites joyful emotions of delight and wonderment as the world comes alive with colorful lights and good cheer. But to a child whose illness restricts them to a hospital during the holiday season, it becomes difficult to experience the same magical senses as those untethered to life-saving medical devices or the continuous care of doctors and medical staff.

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The good folks at Honda recent sought to remedy this misfortune and offered a magical holiday experience to the children admitted to Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

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We felt privileged to take part in the event with Psyop and support Honda in their efforts. We fabricated snow globes depicting the tiny magical scenes perceived by the children through their VR headsets.

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In addition to the detailed, whimsical globes, we created a colorfully-fun housing for the existing VR headset so the young viewers were not hesitant to place it into position on their heads and over their eyes.

We 3D printed many of the VR helmet and snow globe components and overlaid them with graphics or hand-painted the smaller details before they were assembled for the event.

To view the playful scenes and witness the contagious joy that blooms on the faces of the children, take a look at the 30 second commercial spot below, or if you have a bit more time to spare, enjoy the two and a half minute version that follows.