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Alita: Battle Angel

Lending a Creative Hand

Our latest project, orchestrated by the good folks at 20th Century Fox, had us bridging the gap between science fiction and scientific reality. The sci-fi portion of this endeavor stems from the creatives at Lightstorm Entertainment and it’s founder James Cameron, who have produced some of the most imaginative cinematic experiences known to date like Avatar and Titanic. Their latest creation follows the story of a female cyborg with a mysterious past in the newly released action film Alita: Battle Angel.

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The scientific reality in this case is owed to the ingenious work of the team at Open Bionics, a company that produces thematic bionic limbs. Their most notable assistive device is the Hero Arm; a below-the-elbow, multi-grip bionic limb that also allows for users to swap out covers based on their style preferences - like Disney’s Frozen, Iron Man or BB-8.


As the bridge between these two worlds, we took the styling of Alita’s Berzerker phase cyborg arms and digitally designed a bionic limb engineered to function with Open Bionic’s Hero Arm.

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The new Alita: Battle Angel inspired bionic limb was produced and presented to 13-year-old Tilly Lockey, a courageous young lady who lost both her lower arms when she was a baby.

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The reveal and presentation took place right before Tilly and her mom graced the red carpet at the world premiere of Alita: Battle Angel in London.

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Open Bionics plans to expand production of this model and have it available to the public later this year.


We were pretty stoked to work with James Cameron, Open Bionics and 20th Century Fox during the entire process of this exciting project. You can see a few of us in the behind the scenes video below.

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Somethings money can’t buy

Alita Battle Angel: Limited Edition Damascus Blade Collectible

Distributor: 20th Century Fox International Promotions

We had another hand in promoting the Alita: Battle Angel feature by creating 45 limited edition Alita Damascus swords that were distributed around the world by 20th Century Fox and used as promotional sweepstakes prizes. We produced these light-weight, faux swords to resemble real metal and engineered them to come apart if dismantled from their display cases in any attempt to use as actual weapons.


These swords have been spotted in Spain and Moscow and are popping up on a few lucky fan’s Instagram accounts. Sorry folks, this is one cool thing you can’t buy.

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