Vehicle Models
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HEX Watch
3d printing 3D Printing
Priceline Suction Cup Device
3d printing
“Pepsi Littles” & “Pepsi's Mini Hollywood”
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Lexus Sriracha IS
3D printing 3d printing 3D Printing
Little Things for Big Brands - PT. I
3d printing 3D Printing commercial spot. For more projects showcasing our 3D printing, click on the search tab in the upper right -hand side of your screen and scroll down to "3D printing".
Jakks Power Trains
3d printing 3D Printing
Costumes for Captain America: Civil War
3d printing 3D Printing
Villainous Costumes for Spider-Man: Homecoming
3d printing
Tenkai Knights - Fully Mechanized & Articulated Toy Concept Prototype
3D Printing Do the Robot We’re big on robots, so when Spin Master approached us for help with their Tenkai Knights robot display, we were up for the challenge. For a sales meeting, Spin Master needed to demonstrate their robot’s range of articulations through a programmable sequence of movements - that’s robot talk for “make it dance”. We put our best foot forward and began 3D printing the robot’s body parts, then sayshed into engineering the mechanisms and control system. For the grand finale, we designed the system’s user interface, in addition to a custom traveling display case for ease of use. Due to such great success, this display became mass produced and sent out around the world for demonstration. What a thrill!
Buick Stock Exchange
Konami: Concerto Global Gaming Machine
3D Printing Sleek and Sexy Konami Gaming Inc., a global leader in casino gaming systems sought our services to help create the prototype for the Concerto slot machine designed by Stuart Karten Design, an award winning design firm in Southern California. The innovative design attracts rather than distracts the gamer, with alluring soft lighting and synchronous graphics displayed on two 27 inch edge to edge monitors. Our technicians programmed the animated lighting system to interact with the multi-monitor graphics displays, creating a harmonious rhythmic flow. We conducted extensive R&D of acrylic shaping and edging to create light housings that produce a mesmerizing holographic effect. This lighting system runs up and down the edge and sides of the machine, seducing participants from all angles. The interior structure was designed and engineered to house the complex systems while maintaining a sleek and elegant exterior. Our results also maximized efficiency and ease of assembly. We utilized quite a bit from our bag of tricks – from CNC machining, 3D printing, and laser cutting to programming, welding, and electrical skills. Concerto slot gaming debuted at the 2015 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas to critical acclaim. They are now enjoyed by millions of gamers in casinos throughout the world. Below is a clip from Konami Gaming Inc. debuting the Concerto. Enjoy!
Machining Service Bureau
is the speed at which it can produce large quantities of hi-res prototypes. Once you experience 3D printing, you’ll want one for yourself. CNC Mill Machining We like prototyping of any kind, including to learn more 3D Printing When you use a great 3D printer, it’s like watching a work of art. Thanks
El Clásico Miami 2017 LED Sculpture
3D printing 3D Printing
Total Wireless Commercial Campaign
3D printing
Radiator Springs Model for D23 2015
3D Printing
Intel Dream PC's for Gamers
3D Printing
Costume Elements for Avengers: Infinity War
3D Printing
VEEP Groundbreaking Model
3D Printing
Logan - Claws and Costume Elements
3D Printing
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