Lexus Visceral Reality
Polite in Public Photo Booth
Design a custom-designed case so it can be easily transported from event to event. Our first run of design
Loom's Meaty Props
Design we digitally designed the meat, that’s where the fun really began. Our makeup effects artists took design
Verizon Droid Razr
Design We looked to the future when designing these futuristic props. prop design costume design design
Volvo: Highway Robbery
Design passing cars to power Volvo’s new SUV. Our team conducted several phases of R&D, design, testing
Delta's Traveling Tablet
Carbon Vision Mirror
NRG: The Energy Experiment
Design . Our design team conducted an extensive R&D phase involving the combination of multiple materials
Intel Dream PC's for Gamers
Design We designed and built dream PC’s for 4 top gaming influencers.
VEEP Groundbreaking Model
Totino's Pizza Robot
Design prop design design
Carl's Jr. Burger Assault Vehicle
Design prop design Burger on the Loose We’ve designed a lot of oversized props throughout the years, but the “Burger
Taylormade Speed Police
golf course), while transporting four heavy puppets. Once we designed and fabricated the vehicle Design prop design Fore! Anybody even slightly familiar with SCPS knows that remote control design and creation is
Verizon “Revolve”
Design descends from the sky and hovers above the ground. Collaborating with production designer Bradley ensure the integrity of the production design throughout the spot, all while alleviating the time and Thordarson during the concept design stage, it became clear that our digital concept drawing would work
Honda Dream Garage Sales Event 2015
Design ” campaign with production designer Noel McCarthy. We were asked to create the concept art for the prop design
Chick-fil-A Cowz VR
HEX Watch
Design product design industrial design
Vehicle Models
Verizon Droid
Cars 3 at Target
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