Little Things for Big Brands - PT. I

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Little Things for Big Brands - PT. I


At SCPS, not only do we work on epic projects that take months of designing, developing, fabricating, and installing, we are also responsible for some of the little things you see on TV, movie screens, and in advertising that help to support the Big Brands. Below you will find a few examples of projects that were "home-grown" on one of our 3D printers in Part One of our Little Things for Big Brands.

Popeye's Ghost Pepper Wings

Production Company: MJZ

When one of our clients had difficulty locating a few ghost peppers for Popeye's Ghost Pepper Wings commercial, they contacted us to “grow” a few peppers for them. After the peppers were digitally created on the computer, they were then “grown” on one of our 3D printers and masterfully painted to resemble the spicy peppers. See the peppers in action in this commercial spot.


Dial Vitamin Boost

Production Company: MJZ
Agency: Energy BBDO
Director: Irv Blitz

The same client came to us again for support on Dial Soap's Vitamin Boost commercial. They were in need of a hero prop that had to look even better than the real thing but not be as slippery. For them we digitally created several bars of “looks-like” Dial soap, "grew" them on one of our 3D printers, and color matched them perfectly for this commercial spot.


Applebee's "Legends" Burger Quesadilla

Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker
Agency: CP+B
Director: Peter Martin

For Applebee’s “Legends” Burger Quesadilla commercial, we digitally modeled an ancient burger quesadilla temple that becomes discovered by a hungry explorer and his monkey Paco. The temple parts were "grown" on one of our 3D printers, assembled, and painted in our studio. Although the temple appeared colossal on screen, it only stood about 18 inches tall.  Check it out in this commercial spot.

For more projects showcasing our 3D printing, click on the search tab in the upper right-hand side of your screen and scroll down to "3D printing".

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