Planters Brand Activation

How much do you love nuts?

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Planters Brand Activation

I Love Nuts!

The louder you shout it, the more you’ll win!

That was the concept behind Planters experiential and digital campaign “Shout for Nuts”. This campaign consisted of a larger-than-life iconic can of Planters nuts placed in the middle of Westfield Mall in Culver City.

It contained a luring voice emanating from within, enticing passersby to yell how much they love nuts. The participant’s shouts were measured by a decibel meter and displayed by an LED light meter, and those with the most outrageous holler were rewarded with varying quantities of mixed nuts.

For this nutty project, Mod/OP Films first asked us to digitally design the massive container and all of its inner workings. Once approved, we proceeded with the seamless combination of digital content and custom fabrication mastered by our creative technologists and artisans.

The interior contained hidden cameras, a microphone, a decibel meter and corresponding distribution mechanism. For this project, we utilized a wide array of techniques, materials and talents from electrical engineering and mechanisms to welding and large format printing. I guess you can say, we’re a bunch of mixed nuts around here. 

Check out Coach Harbaugh getting into the action...

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