E*Trade Perspective Campaign

Pre-visualization was the key to success for this E*Trade project.

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E*Trade Perspective Campaign

What’s Your Perspective?

How do you transform one scene into a completely different scene merely by changing your perspective? 

Start with an image of a good-looking actor and digitally create a detailed environment around him. Then, orbit around this environment 45 degrees and create a second environment onto the sides of all the objects viewed in the first environment, being sure to line everything up perfectly from the initial point of view to the end point of view. Sounds easy, right?

Now take all those precisely placed objects, blow them up to extra large proportions, and stage them for filming, being sure to recreate the correct camera tracking and angles in order to view both scenes. No problem!

It might be difficult to grasp this concept unless you see it, or pre-visualize it. This pre-visualization was provided to our client prior to fabrication so they could see how their vision would come to life on the screen. These two symbiotic environments were first created on the computer and the best path for the camera was determined in order to seamlessly transition from one environment to the other.

This detailed layout of the scenes provided the digital information necessary to output the physical elements, like the giant pieces used to form the actor’s head, using a combination of CNC machining, large scale printing and hand painting.

We pre-staged everything in our studio to make sure every detail lined up perfectly before all the elements were transported to the sound stage for filming. Get the picture now?

For a behind the scenes look, check out this video provided by E*Trade.