Big Game Ads of 2019

Entertaining football fans around the world.

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Big Game Ads of 2019


The “Big-Football-Game-that-is-played-once-a-year-but-is-copyrighted-so-we-can’t-mention-it’s-name” offers many forms of entertainment from nail-biting tackles and touchdowns, to theatrical halftime shows and all the zany commercials in-between. Here at SCPS, we may not be football or musical legends, but we’d certainly nab a participation trophy if there was one! Regardless, we had a blast making America laugh by lending support to two of this year’s most popular commercials.

“Alexa, can you…”

amazon logo.jpg

Amazon “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

Agency: Lucky Generals

Production Co.: Hungry Man

Production Designer: Rob Buono

Art Director: Slade Hammer

Director: Wayne McClammy

As our tagline states, “We Create What Doesn’t Exist” - and for this Amazon commercial, we did just that. Working with Production Designer Rob Buono and Art Director Slade Hammer, we produced a few Alexa-enabled props for this commercial spot which showcased their failed runs and why they didn’t make the cut at Amazon. The featured props included an “Alexa-enabled” toothbrush used by Forest Whitaker, an “Alexa-enabled” dog collar worn around Harrison Ford’s pup, and two “Alexa-enabled” devices outfitted for the International Space Station.

We rigged all the props to contain the signature blue pulsing ring seen on many of Amazon’s voice activated devices containing Alexa. Take a look at the commercial spot below voted by USA Today as the second top Super Bowl ad of 2019.

Dilly Dilly!


Production Co.: O Positive

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Keeping the Bud Knight outfitted in both his blue and black suits of armor has been an adventurous quest these last couple of years, filled with feats of daring maneuvers, challenging obstacles, and victorious outcomes. Feast your eyes upon the resplendent fruits of our labors below starting with two of this year’s Big Game spots, the first awarded the 5th Annual Creative Bowl Super Clio, followed by a few familiar commercials from the past. Huzzah!

These above images and more can be found on the Knight’s own Twitter account. The Bud Knight even has his own Instagram feed. Behold!

big game spots of the past


For this Snickers commercial we made the chainsaw prop used by Richard Lewis.


For this KIA commercial we created the baby's astronaut outfit which was later adapted into the outfits worn by the animal babies. We also constructed the consoles used in the mission control center scenes.

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For this Bud Light commercial we created what amounted to an effects "toolkit" from which the director could pick and choose the effect he wanted. We developed a variety of practical tabletop rigs so beer bottles could perform in a multitude of ways as they were photographed with high-speed photography. Caps twist on and off of the bottles, and bottles launch like rockets out of water, creating beautiful slo-mo splashes.


For this commercial we created a rig that twisted open a Bud Light bottle cap, emitting vapor and spritz. 

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