Hostess Miniature Bakery

It was super sweet having a large role in this commercial spot for Hostess and Post Consumer Brands.

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Hostess Miniature Bakery

Oh! How sweet it is!

How do you take the oh-so yummy goodness packed inside Hostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Buns and shrink it down to cereal size? Why, create a miniature Hostess bakery, of course! And that’s exactly what we did and more to help promote Hostess’s two new cereals from Post Consumer Brands. Take a look behind the scenes.

We began with a digital design and layout of the bakery which included the exterior front façade with its delicate paned windows and intricate architectural trim, as well as the bakery interior with it’s working conveyor belts, colored lighting and multiple baking stations like the spiral cooling station and powdered sugar station.

After working with our client on the fine tuning of the look and function of the bakery, our artisans got to work building the 10 foot long model and engineering all the moving parts to create a scene starting with the mixing of ingredients, the forming of dough, the stamping of the cereal shapes, the baking of the pieces, the cooling of the baked goods, the glazing or powdering of the individual cereal morsels, and the finale of the beloved cereal tumbling into a bowl off the circulating conveyor belts.

Many of the large structures of the bakery were printed at our studio using our state-of-the-art large bed 3D printer.

Additional detailed pieces were either printed on one of our other printers, shaped on our laser cutter, or built by hand by one of our skilled artisans.

In addition to the small-scale, fine detail work, our fabricators constructed the life-size set surrounding the miniature bakery and the commercials were actually shot on location in our studio space.

After filming, we transported the working bakery model to San Francisco and set it up at the Argonaut headquarters for viewing. It was such a sweet experience being a part of this project from start to finish. Take a look at the commercial spots below and their presence on social media.

If you would like to read more about this project, here is a link to an article from The San Francisco Egotist regarding the making of the bakery and interviews with the agency.

Here’s another article from Ad Age mentioning the mini bakery and Post’s use of nostalgia to help bring consumers back to the breakfast table.