POD Save America - Set Elements

We created lightweight, stone-like set elements for POD Save America’s live tour.

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POD Save America - Set Elements

George Washington with Earbuds?!

Since its launch in 2016, POD Save America has been gaining popularity as a no-nonsense political podcast whose founding fathers were once staff members of the Obama administration. POD Save America often tours the nation and performs their podcasts on stage in front of live audiences.


We were hired by the show’s production designer and our good friend Michael Krantz, to engineer and produce the large scale set elements featured on stage during a run of national appearances.


These elements included a 13-foot tall bust of George Washington donning ear buds – a signature image for the podcast - and several dilapidated columns that appeared to be poorly supported by duct tape.


These lightweight, stone-like structures were designed to be easily assembled and disassembled to make traveling with the set a breeze.

Take a look behind the scenes to how these first began as digital models and later became towering set features.