Almost every job requires multiple machines, and we’ve figured out how to orchestrate their efforts to create elaborate productions in quick turnaround times. We know we’re lucky to have these beauties in house — it’s rare to find so many great tools under one roof. That’s why we’re happy to run parts for others when they don’t have access to them otherwise.

 For each machine we run, we’ve designed custom workflows that ensure the delivery of the best products at the best prices. Contact us now to learn more


3D Printing

When you use a great 3D printer, it’s like watching a work of art. Thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D printers, we can print some of the largest sizes on the market today in addition to the highest part resolution available utilizing FDM and Poly-jet technologies. We use our printers wisely, building pieces that exceed the platform size by printing it in sections — in a wide variety of materials, including flexibles in different durometers and rigids in different colors. We have the capability of rapidly producing large quantities of hi-res prototypes as well as extremely economical means of printing pieces as large as 43”x19”x32” in the most cost effective ways. Once you experience 3D printing, you’ll want one for yourself.

CNC Mill Machining

We like prototyping of any kind, including additive and subtractive rapid prototyping. That’s why we love our CNC mill — one of the most useful tools in custom fabrication since it’s great for both prototyping and production. From foam, wood, thermoplastics and acrylics to metals like brass, aluminum, steel and titanium, our large format CNC mill can work with nearly any production-grade material. And what’s more, CNC-machined parts can be used out in the field immediately. The versatility and build size this machine offers is better than any other technology — and it’s capable of both 3 and 4 axis machining so it can bring almost any design to life.

Laser Cutting

If you’re looking to cut, etch or mark virtually any material, our laser cutter is the right choice. It’s a best-in-class machine that combines features and performance like no other. It gives you the highest quality engraving and cutting capabilities, and its high-detail linear encoder system lets it operate at faster speeds while still engraving with the highest precision on the market. If you’d like to rent our laser cutter, you’ll find it isn’t just a workhorse — it provides a difference you can literally feel.

Large Format Printing

If you’re looking for huge, ultra-high-quality images, you seriously can’t do better than the printers we use. Built for dependability and performance, our printer has a wide array of features and is perfect for printing art, photography and proofing markets. If you’re looking for perfect prints, we’ll be happy to run this baby for you.