Modern Elevator Set Piece

Need an elevator? Yep, we’ve got one for rent.

Modern Elevator Set Piece

Modern Elevator Set Piece


  • Brushed stainless steel doors / trim & handrails

  • Natural cherry laminate / MDF interior panels

  • Grey & black metal grating drop ceiling (ready for lighting)

  • Manual door open / close cable mechanism

  • Call buttons have the ability to be illuminated

  • Companion non-working elevator doors / trim for side-by-side pair of elevators - can be used together or separately

  • Painted Marbled walls

elevator-3 copy.jpg


Interior: 6' wide x 10' deep x 8' tall (optional 6' deep interior set up)

Door opening: 48" wide x 84" high

Ceiling height: 84"

Existing 12' wide x 12' high set walls available

To see our elevator set in action, check out the official music video for Warrior by Chloe x Halle from the movie A Wrinkle in Time.

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