Futuristic Drone

This drone has a front compartment for carrying small objects.

Futuristic Drone

Futuristic Drone

Need a cute futuristic drone to do a little spying for you or perhaps deliver you a small package from its hatch. This futuristic looking drone is rigged to look like it is flying but does not actually fly. It contains the following features:

  • Dimensions = 15.5"h 25.5"w 10.5"d
  • The door/pocket in the front of the drone opens via a pull cord found in the back of the drone
  • The legs fold up and stay in place via the use of magnets
  • The propeller housings are able to be rotated, and the propellers themselves can easily be removed for a more futuristic look
  • There is a mounting point on the top of the drone for rigging  

Modifications can be made for an additional charge.


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