Astronaut Suit Photo Op

Your next photo op can be out of this world!

Astronaut Suit Photo Op

Astronaut Suit Photo Op

This portable photo op of a nondescript astronaut suit is ready for your next out-of-this-world event. It includes one removable step that can be placed behind the suit to help increase the height of the photo subject. A black drape is attached behind the helmet area to create a dark backdrop behind the subject’s head. Interior helmet lights illuminate the subject’s face and the visor is removable. The lights are operable by a plug-in cord containing an on/off switch and can be plugged in to any outlet. Camera not included.


  • 6’5” tall

  • 32” at it’s widest point

  • The attached platform measures 36” x 36” x .75”

The suit details and branding can be altered to fit your needs for an additional cost.


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