Making it to the big show

What a game this past Sunday! If watching football is not your forte, perhaps you tuned in for the half time show or the hilarious commercials. Over the years we have been a part of some of these zany commercial spots for the "Big-Football-Game-that-is-played-once-a-year-but-is-copyrighted-so-we-can't-mention-it's-name". Since we're under contract and unable to talk about current projects, let's take a walk down Memory Lane at a few of these Big Game commercials from our past.

Snickers - logging

For this Snickers commercial we made the chainsaw prop used by Richard Lewis.

kia - where do babies come from?

For this KIA commercial we created the baby's astronaut outfit which was later adapted into the outfits worn by the animal babies. We also constructed the consoles used in the mission control center scenes.

bud light - cool twist

For this Bud Light commercial we created what amounted to an effects "toolkit" from which the director could pick and choose the effect he wanted. We developed a variety of practical tabletop rigs so beer bottles could perform in a multitude of ways as they were photographed with high-speed photography. Caps twist on and off of the bottles, and bottles launch like rockets out of water, creating beautiful slo-mo splashes.

bud light - very superstitious

For this commercial we created a rig that twisted open a Bud Light bottle cap, emitting vapor and spritz.